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“Zira Mahsul” LTD started its business activity in 1991 in Zira settlement of the Absheron Peninsula as the “Zira Mushroom Farm”, being the only company in the Caucasus engaged in the mushrooms production. Later, it expanded its field of the activity and gained the customers satisfaction by cultivating the olives, a unique Azerbaijan’s treasure. At present the company is occupied with the production of the champignons and the olives.

These products include marinated mushrooms, natural olive oil, olive jam and canned olives. The mushrooms produced by “Zira Mahsul” LTD are known and loved for their freshness and taste. The company’s olive products are appreciated for their usefulness and quality. All products are completely natural, free from admixture and suitable for your taste.

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Natural microelemets contained in Zira products help protect the body from cell damage, which can lead to a number of diseases. In addition, our products have a special taste. Bon appetite!

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